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2016 Topics

TITLE: Streamling Your Payroll Process TRACK: Payroll
Paying your employees can be a thankless task, especially if you’re dealing with a mix of union, prevailing wage, and office employees all working on different jobs. In this webinar, we’ll explore the many ways FOUNDATION can streamline your payroll process and make proofing it a breeze. We’ll cover setting defaults to easily migrate data entry onto timecards, as well as importing timecards, and setting up recurring timecards. We’ll also show you how to use the many proofing reports to make sure your payroll comes out right the first time.
TITLE: Creating and Using Budgets TRACK: Mastering FOUNDATION
Budgets can take your job costing to the next level, and in this webinar we’ll show you how FOUNDATION can do just that. We’ll demonstrate how to import budgets and set up your cost codes to make budgeting more efficient. We’ll also show you what reports to run to see how your jobs are doing in comparison to your budgets. You’ll see that, with FOUNDATION, managing budgets becomes easier than you thought possible.
TITLE: Introduction to Tables and Relational Databases TRACK: Excel
What’s so relational about a database? In this webinar, we’ll explain the table and field layout in FOUNDATION’s SQL Server® database and make sense of its structure, including table names and data type conventions. We’ll also look at how table links work to make a relational database relational. Finally, we’ll review some of the most commonly used tables within FOUNDATION.
TITLE: The Ins and Outs of Payroll Deductions TRACK: Payroll
Whether it’s a 401K, a health plan, or a court ordered garnishment, payroll deductions are a fact of life for most companies. In this webinar we’ll show you how to set up your deductions and attach them to employee records so the right amount of money comes out of their paychecks every time. We’ll also show you how to set up your deductions to report correctly on W-2s. Lastly, we’ll show how you can integrate deductions with the Accounts Payable Module and avoid manually creating invoices!
TITLE: Effective Change Order Management TRACK: Mastering FOUNDATION
Change is hard, but FOUNDATION makes entering change orders easy. In this webinar you’ll learn how to create and manage change orders in FOUNDATION and how to import them into the system. You’ll also learn how to run and read various reports to see the status and impact that change orders have within FOUNDATION.
TITLE: Introduction to MS Query TRACK: Excel
Perhaps the only thing more frustrating than not having the data you want is knowing where it is but not being able to get to it. This webinar will show you how to use the MS query tool to extract data from FOUNDATION into Excel® to create custom lists and, eventually, reports. Functions we’ll review include enabling criteria and filters, sorting data, and setting parameters.
TITLE: Mastering Workers' Compensation TRACK: Payroll
A workers’ compensation audit is nothing to worry about when you run your payroll through FOUNDATION. In this webinar we’ll show you how flexible FOUNDATION is when it comes to setting up and tracking workers’ compensation and how to make sure it is calculating to your specifications each week. We’ll also show you how to run the Workers’ Compensation Report to show your workers’ compensation figures in various formats that will satisfy you and your auditor!
TITLE: Things You Should be Doing Monthly: General Ledger TRACK: Mastering FOUNDATION
There are certain practices you can make a habit of doing every month to help get the most out of FOUNDATION and get a better handle on your financials. Join us for this webinar to learn how to balance the Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Job Costing Modules to the General Ledger, as well as how to do bank reconciliations. We’ll also give you a few useful tips on reconciling your General Ledger each month.
TITLE: Joining Tables Within the MS Query Tool TRACK: Excel
Building on the “Intro to MS Query Tool” webinar, this session looks at how to select multiple tables for queries that are even more versatile. We’ll show you how to expose “good” and “bad” field-name joins between tables and how to tie together values located in FOUNDATION reports.
TITLE: Handling Union Payroll in FOUNDATION TRACK: Payroll
Do you cringe when you think about setting up a new union employee or when you work in another union’s jurisdiction? You won’t after you attend this webinar! FOUNDATION is capable of handling all of the complications that a union can throw at you, and we all know that unions can throw a lot of curve balls when it comes to payroll. In this webinar we’ll show you how to set up and update unions, how to handle working in another union’s jurisdiction, and how to get the most out of FOUNDATION’s union reports. Attend this webinar to take the difficulty out of processing union payroll.
TITLE: How to Handle AIAs Without Breaking a Sweat TRACK: Mastering FOUNDATION
Managing your AIAs should be a straightforward process, but, more often than not, changes are made or a dispute arises on just how complete a part of the job is. That’s why FOUNDATION’s AIA feature is fully equipped to deal with the issues that can arise throughout the life of an AIA. In this webinar we’ll show you how to manually enter and import a schedule of values, bill against an AIA, and withhold and release retainage. We’ll also give you a few other tips that will make you an AIA guru in no time.
At times, multiple-table queries are not possible with the MS query tool. That’s where this webinar comes in. We’ll review the VLOOKUPS and SUMIFS formulas, which can be used to pull data together from multiple sources, whether they’re from different worksheets within a single workbook or different workbooks altogether. Additionally, we’ll cover the IFERROR formula, which can be used to suppress error values in cells.
TITLE: Setting up Prevailing Wage Jobs in FOUNDATION TRACK: Payroll
The goal of this webinar is to show you how to set up a prevailing wage job efficiently within FOUNDATION. We’ll show you how to save your company money by applying prevailing wage reduction factors, and we’ll look at the benefits of using prevailing wage as a true Davis-Bacon setup. Finally, we’ll look at how to produce Certified Payroll Reports with great prevailing wage setups.
TITLE: Building Custom Reports in the DataGenies: Job Costing TRACK: Mastering FOUNDATION
FOUNDATION’s DataGenies are a great tool you can use to build your own custom reports. In this webinar we’ll take you through the process of building three reports in the DataGenies that will take your job costing to the next level. Best of all, at the end of the session you’ll get a copy of the reports, so you can immediately start reaping the benefits for your business!
TITLE: Table Tricks and Tips TRACK: Excell
Once you pull queried data into an Excel® table, your basic task may or may not be over. Fortunately, there are numerous tips and tricks that can help make those tables even more useful. This webinar will explore sorting and filtering options, as well as the enabling of slicers and using “total” rows to consolidate table data.
TITLE: The Affordable Care Act TRACK: Payroll
Not sure how to set up FOUNDATION to accommodate your filings under the Affordable Care Act? Then this is the webinar for you! We will go over everything you need to know regarding the features that will help with your 1094-C and 1095-C reporting and ensure that your year-end is a breeze.
TITLE: Mastering Sales and Use Tax TRACK: Mastering FOUNDATION
Just because taxes are a daily reality doesn’t mean they’re always simple to handle. Join us for this helpful webinar to see how to set up and track sales and use tax liabilities on purchases and billings. We'll show you the most efficient data entry flow and reporting for sales tax and how to use inventory with sales and use tax effectively.
TITLE: Pivot Tables 1 TRACK: Excel
Pivot tables offer dynamic consolidation and views of data sets. In this session, we’ll look at the use and functionality of pivot tables, including creating tables, formatting values, changing column headings and even adding formula fields.
TITLE: FOUNDATION mobile: Managing Your Field Team TRACK: Mastering FOUNDATION
In this webinar, we will cover the basics of FOUNDATION mobile, and you’ll learn everything from user setup to syncing timecards with your office computer—and everything in between. Get ready to knock some serious time off your weekly payroll routine!
TITLE: Pivot Tables 2 TRACK: Excel
This webinar explores some of the more advanced functionality and use of pivot tables. We’ll cover how to group values seen in FOUNDATION reports; how to conveniently expand and collapse fields to consolidate reports; and how to enable slicers to review pivot-table data.
TITLE: Entering Third-Party Sick Pay TRACK: Payroll
Disability plans are a great benefit to offer your employees, but the paperwork that comes with these plans can give anyone a headache! Knowing what to do in FOUNDATION will save you a lot of time and pain. Join us for this webinar so we can show you how to enter the necessary information and even how FOUNDATION records the employers’ portion of FICA.
TITLE: Correcting Payroll Like a Pro TRACK: Payroll
In the construction industry, payroll is complicated, and, even under the best of circumstances, mistakes are made. This webinar will show you how to use FOUNDATION’s correction feature as well as when and how to use history adjustments and voids. We might not be able to stop employees from turning in timecards late, but with your new payroll correcting skills, it should never cause a problem again.
TITLE: How to Use and Fix Aging Reports TRACK: Mastering FOUNDATION
Want to learn more about how Aging Reports work or how to fix them when they’re wrong? Then this webinar is for you! We'll show you the fundamental principles that create the Aging Report, and go over common aging problems and their solutions. Finally we'll show you how you can use the Aging Report to manage your collection history and more!
TITLE: Form Design and MS Query 1 TRACK: Excel
It’s not always enough to pull data together; sometimes that data needs to go somewhere in a particular format. In this webinar you’ll learn how to create custom forms that work with the MS query tool. We’ll show you how to select data for custom forms and set up the layout of the page to consolidate data from multiple sources. Finally, we’ll cover the creation of a “Selection” tab so you can choose records to fill in the form.
TITLE: Setting Up and Using Direct Deposits for Your Employees TRACK: Payroll
Whether you are transitioning all or just a handful of your employees to direct deposit, this webinar will take you through the entire process. We’ll show you how to set up your system to pay employees by direct deposit, how to do a pre-note, and how to export the ACH file from FOUNDATION. After attending this webinar, you’ll have all the tools you need to set your employees up for direct deposits, and you’ll be saving yourself time and money!
TITLE: Taking Job Costing to the Next Level TRACK: Mastering FOUNDATION
Ready to take FOUNDATION and your job costing to the next level? Then this webinar is for you. We’ll walk you through production, percent-complete, and forecasting reporting and show you how to use these reports to get better information on your jobs. You’ll walk away from this webinar with knowledge of some of the most powerful reports in FOUNDATION and be able to apply that knowledge to make better business decisions for your company.
TITLE: Form Design and MS Query 2 TRACK: Excel
This webinar delves deeper into Excel® form design with the MS query tool. We’ll cover creating a form that will “grow” with the number of detail lines on forms like change orders, purchase orders, subcontracts and invoices. Finally, we’ll show you how to enable a macro to consolidate and print the form.
TITLE: Managing Vacation and Sick Time Accruals TRACK: Payroll
Ready to delete the spreadsheet you’ve been using to track your employees’ time off? In this webinar we’ll show you how to start tracking vacation and sick time in FOUNDATION. You’ll learn how to set up time-off accruals based on the calendar year and employee anniversary date, set up employees with different plan levels, and manually edit an accrual balance using FOUNDATION’s Log Accrued Time feature. We’ll also explore the available reporting options that will make summarizing an employee’s time-off history a breeze.
TITLE: Bank Reconciliations TRACK: Mastering FOUNDATION
Performing bank reconciliations is an important but often difficult task. This webinar will cover how to perform a bank reconciliation in FOUNDATION, as well as many of the common issues encountered during reconciliations. Additionally, we’ll show you some of the tips and tricks that can make your bank reconciliations easier and more efficient.
TITLE: Introduction to Macros TRACK: Excel
Computers may not always do what we want them to do, but they always do what we tell them to do. Macros are one way to give those instructions clearly and efficiently. This session introduces the creation of simple recorded macros using code found on the Web. We’ll explore how to search and modify that code and finally how to assign macros to buttons on a spreadsheet.
TITLE: Year-End Payroll Part 1 TRACK: Payroll
It seems that year-end rolls around a little more quickly each year, and, before you know it, all of the year-end tasks are knocking at your door. This webinar will show you how to prepare bonus checks, handle non-monetary fringes, report employer health care on W-2s, handle owner health care premiums, and clean up your taxes. With this webinar, you’ll be a year-end pro in no time!
TITLE: Managing Your Subcontracts TRACK: Mastering FOUNDATION
This webinar will cover subcontracts and how they function in FOUNDATION. You’ll learn how to enter subcontracts into the system, how to invoice subcontracts and how to process their associated lien waivers in the Accounts Payable Module. And we haven’t forgotten about the year-end procedure that goes along with subcontracts: 1099s. You’ll walk away from this webinar with all the tools you need to manage your subcontracts with confidence and ease.
TITLE: Job Cost History Query TRACK: Excel
Reading a pile of raw data might be easy if you know what you’re looking for, but to share that data and save time, that data is needed as a report. This webinar teaches you how to query job history data by job, phase, cost code and cost class. We’ll also show you how to create an Estimated vs. Actual Report and even add billings to it.
TITLE: Year-End Payroll Part 2 TRACK: Payroll
Once you’ve completed all of your other year-end tasks, it is time to tackle the big one: running W2s and the W3. In this webinar we’ll show you how to easily run, and check your W2s for accuracy. We’ll also show you how to correct your W2s before you print them. No more wasting those expensive W2 forms! Lastly, we’ll show you how to run your W3. Get ready for your easiest year-end yet!
TITLE: Closing Out Your Year-End (Calendar & Fiscal) TRACK: Mastering FOUNDATION
Year-end can be difficult, but with this webinar you’ll see how to make it easy! You’ll learn how to reconcile your Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Modules to the General Ledger, how to do your year-end closing, and how to move profit (loss) to retained earnings. Additionally, you’ll learn what it takes to prepare and print everything, and how to do your 1099s.
TITLE: Timecard History Query TRACK: Excel
The Payroll Module alone contains a massive amount of valuable data, and this webinar will help you get the most out of it by accessing and consolidating employee data from the timecard history table. You’ll learn how to sort and filter by employee, job, cost code and earn code on the fly in a single, simple report. To top it off, we’ll show you how to pull data from multiple tables using a single query.

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